April 07, 2024


2024 Different Hanqiu, Different Purete!

On March 28, 2024, PURETE Company showed up at the 53rd China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Expo with roller coating line, flat laminating line and painting line. What is different between this year's PURETE and previous years?


1. Want to see a thousand miles, a higher floor

From the overall building style, PURETE adopted the form of two-story building, extremely strong corporate culture and atmosphere comes to the surface.

2. There is not only Pratt, but also Howlite.

HAUTE is another brand of Hanqiu. Debut in Guangzhou Home Expo, for the first time, for the whole country to recruit finishing equipment dealers.


3. Nitrogen open skin matte production line

1 ° skin matte plate, you can choose nitrogen 172 light source system, you can also choose not to use nitrogen 254, 186 light source system. There are imported and domestic configuration, suitable for different enterprises.

4. Water-based spraying technology upgrade

A reciprocating spraying line can spray UV, PU and other oil-based paint, but also water-based paint. Water-based reciprocating spraying technology upgraded, off the line that is dry, direct stacking.


5.Aluminum and wood universal PUR laminating line

PUR laminating line for wood may not be able to laminate aluminum, but it can laminate aluminum. The PUR laminating line for aluminum can be used for wood, but the PUR laminating line for aluminum can be used for wood, and the PUR laminating technology has been upgraded and extended from the field of wood products to the field of metal products.


6. All-in-one solution for painting and finishing that can be rolled, sprayed and applied

Whether it is paint finish, or paint-free finish. Pratt's complete equipment system, to bring enterprises a comprehensive coating and finishing solutions!



Facing the diversified needs of customers, customized equipment solutions. We will have more R&D and innovation. Our story is still continuing, PURETE is looking forward to seeing you next time!