2023 September Shanghai Home Expo

September 16, 2023

From September 5th to 8th, PURETE brought Nitrogen Excimer Production Line and PUR Flat Laminating Production Line to appear in 2023 Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition.

In addition to Chinese visitors from all over the world, there are international delegations from Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries came to watch the exhibition, the exhibition site is bustling with activity.

1. PUR Laminating machine area

The materials that have been made into the lining,such as density board,particle board,OSB board,LSB board,plywood and other substrates,and then paste a variety of surface materials on top;can also paste PET,PVC,CPL and other rolls on the spot,but also can be pasted piece by piece of acrylic,HPL metal sheets and other sheet materials.

2.Wallboard Area

Displayed wood finish water-based wall panels and PUR flat paste effect wall panels,metallic texture,fabric texture,wood texture veneer panels,etc., very intuitive for customers to experience the effect of coated panels on the wall.

3.Nitrogen excimer skin matte production line

On-site demonstration of the effect of water-based semi-transparent skin feeling and super-matte skin feeling of triamine surface on wood finishes.

How to make the veneer translucent wood without lacquer effect?How to make melamine skin feel wear-resistant,scratch-resistant,fingerprint resistant effect?PURETE told us the most intuitive answer with on-site sampling,so that we can see it on site.Exhibitors from Malaysia and Russia were amazed and praised us.

4.Sample board area

A variety of substrates (cement fiberboard,SPC board,wood,metal, etc.), a variety of surfaces,combined with different effects, the audience have stopped to watch,touch,consulting and exchange.

About "face project", look at the "surface work", in the end,what other surface work can be explored?

The exhibition is held at the same time, there are design forums, furniture development trend forums, equipment and technology seminars.

Mr. Chen, the project director of PURETE, made a speech on "the development trend of new equipment for painting and finishing" in the 2023 Healthy Home New Material and Finishing Technology Development Seminar.

Mr. Chen systematically introduced the current application equipment of painting and finishing, and also put forward the veneer efficient veneer, EB electron beam, veneer color change and other innovative technologies, which have been applied by a number of enterprises on the ground.

About the face of the project, look at the surface work, continue to meet!

The exhibition lasted 4 days, which is a very short time, and you can't get enough of it!

Innovation is endless, need to know more and more rich surface finishing process, welcome to visit Pratt Guangdong headquarters, to PURETE factory experience center observation and exchange!